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If you require the application of decorative or anti-carbonation coatings to your car parks, please speak to us on 01428 687925 about our quick and efficient service that will cause minimum disruption to the running of your car park.

The aesthetics of car parks has become a major consideration for owners, managers and users over the past few years. The introduction of the ACPO Gold and Silver Award Schemes has meant that many owners have looked at the advantages of applying decorative and protective coatings to their car parks. These coatings offer protection against carbon dioxide penetration into the concrete and lightens up traditionally dark areas.

CDM Contracts Ltd carry out the application of these decorative and anti-carbonation coatings to car parks in a rapid and efficient manner, ensuring minimum disruption is caused to the user and client alike.

We have found that the most important aspect of the application is surface preparation. By removing all surface dust and contaminants by high pressure water we find the surface is ideally prepared for the application of coatings.

The machines we use for cleaning are high pressure - low flow machines (3,500psi - 15ltr/min), which ensure cleaning without excess water and its associated problems.

Application of coatings is generally by airless spray that gives rapid, thorough application to all surfaces. These quiet electronic machines allow us to carry out works at night without disturbing local residents or disrupting the smooth running of the car parks.

Case Studies

Aesthetics of car parks is a major consideration

The aesthetics of car parks is now a major consideration for owners, managers and users alike.

High pressure - low flow machines are used in preparation of surfaces

High pressure - low flow machines used in the preparation have a quiet operation allowing work at night to proceed without disturbing local residents

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