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Concrete Repairs

In the case of refurbishment of MSCPs there is usually a need to carry out concrete repairs prior to installation of the deck coatings. On freestanding structures, conventional methods of repair can be used and defective concrete removed by percussive tools such as jackhammers.

However in some situations, where the car park is part of an occupied building such as a hotel, shopping centre or office block, the vibration caused by percussive breakout will be transmitted to occupied areas through the structure and can be completely unacceptable.

The solution we offer is to remove the defective concrete by means of Ultra High Pressure water jettings, which produces no vibration through the structure and therefore no intrusion to the occupants resident within the building.

This method is however extremely noisy in the work area and over many such contracts we have developed methods of noise control, protection and phasing, which allows members of the public to use the car park safely, whilst only a few feet from the point of work.

Ashley Centre Refurbishment Case Study

defective concrete

CDM can replace areas of defective concrete in MSCPs

Minimising noise vibration through high pressure water concrete removal

Concrete removal done by high pressure water to minimise noise vibration

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