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Case Study - Ashley Shopping Centre, Epsom

The Epsom and Ewell Borough Council owns the 800 space MSCP, which was build in the 1970s and had suffered from a lack of maintenance and under investment for many years. This showed itself in major areas of concrete repair evident from spalling on the upper decks.

In consultation with the client's engineers, Donaldsons, it was agreed that due to the fact that the car park was directly above the shopping centre's main supermarket the use of percussive machinery to remove defective concrete would be impractical due to vibration generated noise. We therefore proposed that the concrete removal prior to repair was carried out using high pressure water, which although not quiet at the area produced no vibrations through the structure much to the supermarket manager's relief!

Approximately 300m² of concrete repairs were carried out to the deck over a 10 week period.

After the structural work was completed the decks were refurbished by the application of 1,600m² of anti-carbonation coatings to the soffits, walls and columns, 13,000m² of Deckshield Polyurethane Waterproofing System to the immediate decks, and 1,000m² of Deckshield Rapide MMA System to the entrance level. The Rapide System was required to enable the car park to stay open 24hrs during the installation to this busy car park.

Over 100m of CDM's Xpjoint was used to replace the failing existing joints on the car park, which allowed a 30% saving on those specified in the documents.

To enable the council to warn and inform the customers, 3 matrix signs were installed at the entrance level.

The contract was completed within budget and contract programme.

Warning signs placed at the entrance of Epsom MSCP

Warning signs were placed at the entrance level to the car park

Minimising noise vibration through high pressure water concrete removal

Concrete removal done by high pressure water to minimise noise vibration

The car park was in need of repair

Spalling on the upper decks of the MSCP caused by lack of maintenance and under investment

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